Preparing for the Next Pandemic

by Grayce Mores, updated September 2022

Four heads communicating using science iconsIssues

Racial Disparities in Health Messaging

It's difficult to combat vaccine misinformation, as anti-vax and anti-science groups have strong organization and distrust of authority.


  • Using mass communication toolsets in science writing aimed for the public
    • pyramid showcasing writing strategies for scientific writing
  • Meeting the public where they are using empathy - "I know this is confusing. It is hard. I struggled with this, too."
    • Need for public health conversations and to find common ground with the public
    • Need for new messages and messengers - mass communication strategies for health and science messages
  • Early identification of public opinion - working with social media
  • Debunking or pre-bunking misinformation

For citizens:

  • Check sourcing - link to learn more about spotting and stopping misinfo in its tracks

For journalists:

  • Better communication by amplifying expert voices, establishing trusted sources, leading with facts, and not amplifying misinformation
  • Empower and amplify already trusted sources to give correct messaging

For scientists and public health officials:

  • Meet the public where they are - use mass communication strategies of repetition, clarity, brevity, and simplicity when communicating with the public.
    • Know your audience - background, previous knowledge, concerns
  • Debunking or pre-bunking misinfo

Additional Science Communication Resources