Spot Deepfake Video

by Madison Latiolas | May 2021

Interactive Deepfake Resource

This interactive article by CNN provides a video, quiz and many examples of deepfakes. This article breaks down how deepfakes are made and the potential threats they pose. It also explains how to spot a deepfake. 

Interactive Deepfake Resource

Deepfakes: How They Are Made and How They Can Be Detected

Danielle Citron Ted Talk

Technique for Detecting Deepfakes


ISOJ2020: HOw to Fight Deepfake and Cheapfake Videos


Hany Farid Q&A

During this Q&A led by NBC Bay Area, UC Berkeley Professor Hany Farid answers questions about deepfake technology and explains some of the threats disinformation and deepfakes pose to privacy and democracy.

Deepfake Q&A With Expert Hany Farid