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This website is a resource for students, academics and citizens to defend themselves against fake news and misinformation.


Len Apcar

Len Apcar

Len Apcar is the Wendell Gray Switzer Jr. Endowed Chair in Media Literacy. His journalism career spans 40 years as a writer and editor at The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. The Manship School is dedicated to leading the study and practice of media and public affairs within an evolving technological and global society.

LSU's Manship School of Mass Communication

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The mission of the Manship School is to produce highly competent communicators with broad knowledge and training in the liberal arts and the media.

Christina Georgacopoulos

A young woman, 23 years old, posed on the front steps of the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication, dressed in a graduation cap and gown, smiling and looking directly at the camera with a hand on her hip

Christina Georgacopoulos is a master's student in the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication. Her interests include the historical development of political communication and methods of propaganda, as well as modern tools of fake news and disinformation that threaten and disrupt American politics. Christina is researching, writing content and assisting Mr. Apcar to curate this site. 

Madison Latiolais

Madison Latiolas

Madison Latiolais is an undergraduate student at LSU interested in international relations, history, and writing. She is studying fake news and media manipulation with Mr. Apcar. 

 Grayce Mores

Grayce Mores

Grayce Mores is an undergraduate student at LSU interested in genetics, history, and the impact of the media on society. She is studying fake news and media manipulation with Mr. Apcar.


Trey Poche

Trey Poche

Trey Poché is a master’s student studying political communication. He has interests in environmental communication, new media and deliberative democracy. Trey assists Mr. Apcar with undergraduate teaching.