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By Madison Latiolas | November 2020

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Deepfake News

 Facebook Says That It Will Ban Deepfakes

Facebook has announced a plan to begin removing deepfakes from their platform amid rising concerns about the damaging effects deepfakes could have on democracy. The removal plan does not include deepfakes of a satirical nature, but does include those in which words are taken out of context.

The Biggest Threat of Deepfakes

The Biggest Threat of Deepfakes Isn't the Deepfakes Themselves

The MIT Technology Review discusses changes in what people can consider evidence and how this could cause difficulties for citizens all over the world if nothing is done to properly combat the rising issue. 

Danielle Citron Warns Deepfakes Could Undermine 2020 Election

Danielle Citron Boston University

 In a Q&A led by Boston University, Danielle Citron addresses concerns about deepfakes interfering in the 2020 election.

Danielle Citron Q&A

Video Resources

Hany Farid Q&A

During this Q&A led by NBC Bay Area, UC Berkeley Professor Hany Farid answers questions about deepfake technology and explains some of the threats disinformation and deepfakes pose to privacy and democracy.

Deepfake Q&A With Expert Hany Farid

Deepfakes: How They Are Made and How They Can Be Detected

Danielle Citron Ted Talk

Interactive Deepfake Resource

This interactive article by CNN provides a video, quiz and many examples of deepfakes. This article breaks down how deepfakes are made and the potential threats they pose. It also explains how to spot a deepfake. 

Interactive Deepfake Resource

ISOJ2020: How to Fight Deepfake and Cheapfake Videos


New Technique for Detecting Deepfakes