Courses Offered at Louisiana State University

CE 4400 Principles of Steel Design: Undergraduate level course (senior level, elective)

CE 4430 Design Project: Undergraduate level course (senior level, elective)

CE 4435 Indeterminate Structural Analysis: Undergraduate level course (senior level, elective)This is a certified Communication-Intensive (C-I) course which meets all of the requirements set forth by LSU's Communication across the Curriculum program, including

  • instruction and assignments emphasizing informal and formal [mode 1] and [mode 2];
  • teaching of discipline-specific communication techniques;
  • use of feedback loops for learning;
  • 40% of the course grade rooted in communication-based work; and
  • practice of ethical and professional work standards.

Students interested in pursuing the LSU Distinguished Communicators certification may use this C-I course for credit. For more information about this student recognition program, visit lsu.edu/academicaffairs/cxc/.

CE 2460 Dynamics & Vibration: Undergraduate level course (junior level, required).

CE 3415 Structural Analysis I: Undergraduate level course (junior level, required).

CE 7701 Structural Control & Health Monitoring: Graduate level course.

CE 7700 Wind Engineering: Graduate level course.

CE 7430 Structural Design for Dynamic Loads: Graduate level course.

Courses Offered at Alexandria University

  • ME 343 Mechanical Design-3 (Spring 2011)
  • ME 143 Mechanics of Machinery-1 (Spring 2011)
  • Engineering Drawing (2010-2011)
  • Computer Aided Drawing, AutoCAD (2011)
  • Other Courses (2001-2006): ME 342 Mechanical Vibrations; ME 343 Mechanical Design-3; ME 341 Mechanical Design-2; ME 246 Stress Analysis and Machine Design; ME 242 Computer Applications in Mechanical Engineering; JE 113 Applied Mechanics and Theory of Structures; ME 147 Machine Drawing; ME 144 Computer-Aided Mechanical Drawing; ME 142 Mechanical Drawing; ME 141 Mechanics of Materials

Courses Offered at Pharos University

  • ME 221 Automatic Control (Spring 2011)