Building the more resilient coastal infrastructure, with the reality of limited resources (sustainability constraints), is the challenge that our research is focused on to enhance safety and reduce the tremendous cost of rebuilding after hurricanes and other types of windstorms.

With current climate change, windstorms are becoming more intense than before. Given the loss of life and property, it is crucial to building a more resilient community. Consequently, our research focuses on retrofitting existing infrastructure and establishing new ones to survive windstorms optimally.

Located in a hurricane-vulnerable region, Louisiana and the southern part of the U.S. have been suffering catastrophic losses of life and property. My team’s research aims at innovating structural designs to protect the inhabitants and reduce economic losses. Our research focuses on the reliable characterization of wind impact on the built environment to build a more resilient community with the reality of limited resources. Its potential applications include the design aspects of the infrastructure for windstorms: residential homes, offshore structures, bridges, transportation infrastructure, energy infrastructure (wind turbines, solar panels, and petrochemical structures), etc. The research activities are beneficial for students and researchers as they provide potential opportunities to learn with direct involvement in real-world applications. In addition, researchers and students with interests in structural, coastal, mechanical, computer, agricultural, and marine sciences can find a fertile environment for innovations that brings science into practice. Furthermore, the data produced are directly applicable to solving challenging industry issues, improving design codes, and helping the government and the insurance companies to improve their policies. The goal is to increase the ability to prepare for and adapt to changing conditions, withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions, contribute to economic growth, and improve the quality of life.

Selected Publications