Research Overview: Our research aims at advancing knowledge and building the scientific basis in the areas of wind, structural and coastal engineering, to establish resilient, smart and recoverable infrastructure and businesses along the coast.


Thank you for visiting the WISE Research Group at LSU. Our team comprises experts from diverse fields, including wind engineering, structural dynamics, machine learning, and coastal protection. Our mission is to advance scientific knowledge and leverage cutting-edge technology to develop innovative strategies that not only mitigate but also anticipate the escalating consequences of severe weather events on humanity. The focus is on fortifying resilience and promoting sustainability within the realm of coastal infrastructure development. We strive to enhance the resilience of structures and communities against the increasing frequency and intensity of windstorms associated with climate change.

At WISE, we recognize that multidisciplinary research is essential to address the intricate challenges posed by natural hazards. Our research team specializes in retrofitting existing infrastructure and designing new structures to enhance windstorm resilience. From residential homes to offshore structures, and from transportation infrastructure to energy projects such as wind turbines, solar panels, and petrochemical structures, our work encompasses a diverse range of applications. The WISE research provides students and researchers with valuable opportunities for real-world learning and fosters an environment conducive to innovative ideas that bridge the gap between science and practice. Furthermore, the insights gained from our studies can be applied to address complex industry challenges, improve design codes, and inform government and insurance policies.

To inquire about potential collaborations or express interest in joining the WISE research team, please contact Dr. Aly via email at We welcome talented and motivated students, as well as partners from research agencies and industries, who share our commitment to enhancing community resilience and minimizing the impact of natural disasters on critical infrastructure. Join us as we cultivate the next generation of visionary leaders capable of accelerating high-impact, science-driven solutions to address the urgent challenges of global resilience and climate change, fostering a prosperous future for society across government, academia, and industry. Together, we can drive innovation at the forefront and shape a sustainable world.