Summer 2023 Newsletter – Dana Gioia, Spring Conference “Who Gets to Make Law?,” Van Crabb Memorial Lecture, updates on seminars, lectures, workshops [Text Version]

Summer 2022 Newsletter – “Who Was Eric Voegelin & What Did He Think?”, Spring Conference on Aristotle’s Ethics, updates on film series, seminars, lectures [Text Version]

Summer 2021 Newsletter – Conference on “Reason and Revolution,” Film Series, Retirement Conference for Cecil Eubanks, updates, and more [Text Version]

Summer 2020 Newsletter – Transitions for Covid Era, update on Workshop and Seminar, thanks to Kristina Plunkett, and more [Text Version]

Winter 2020 Newsletter – NEH Convening on Civics, Apgar Workshop on Teaching European Civilization, upcoming events, and more [Text Version]

Spring/Summer 2019 Newsletter – Conference on “Realism and Idealism,” Shakespearean, Caringella visit, and more [Text Version]

Spring 2018 Newsletter – “Keeping Up with the Literature,” Conference on Social Contract, Center for Collaborative Knowledge

Summer/Fall 2017 Newsletter – “Millennial Classics” Conference, review of spring 2017 events, preview of 2017-18 events

Winter 2017 Newsletter – “Millennial Classics” series inaugurated, graduate alumni network launched, new hire, and more

Fall 2016 Newsletter – “Millennial Classics” lectures planned, Arkes for Constitution Day, Bowman welcomed, and more

Spring 2016 Newsletter – New Director’s welcome, Free Speech on campus panel, scholarships, review of 2015-16 events, and more