Apgar Workshop on Teaching European Civilization

The Voegelin Institute is co-sponsoring a workshop for LSU Faculty members who will be teaching in the Ogden Honors College sequence on European civilization:

  • HNRS 2402 (Classical Civilization in the Mediterranean World)
  • HNRS 2404 (Medieval Civilization in Western Europe)
  • HNRS 2406 (European Civilization from 1400 to 1789)
  • HNRS 2408 (Modern Europe)

The workshop is designed to give faculty an opportunity to learn about modern core curricula at leading universities and thus to help them design their courses, to reform them as needed, and to explore new ways to give the modern student access to the classical Western tradition.  Since it is characteristic of that tradition not to take its own goodness for granted, the question of the value of Western classical texts in a liberal education is central to the investigation and discussion.

Membership is by invitation.  For more information, write James Stoner at poston@lsu.edu.