Mudith defends!

Mudith Weerabaddana, a visiting student from Sri Lanka, defends his thesis on September 8, 2020. Mudith is a visiting scholar in the PAST lab at LSU. He is from Sri Lanka and is an Erasmus Mundus scholar doing his masters in Marine Environment and Resources under Erasmus+ program in Europe. Mudith arrived at LSU in February just in time fo the coronavirus shutdown. Regardless of the challenges of being far from home and isolated during the panademic, he was able to complete his thesis reseach project titled, "Subannual coral Ba/Ca variability in Siderastrea siderea from the northwest Gulf of Mexico" and defend his thesis via an international virtual defense where many scholars and students around the world saw his presentation. He will presenting his results at the American Geophysical Union meeting December 2020 and will be submitted a paper soon to Marine Pollution Bulletin.