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Fossil corals in Little Cayman Island


Scelrochronology class fieldtrip to Grand Isle, LA

      Sclerochronology class field trip to Grand Isle, La.

K. DeLong

The PAST Lab is home to students and researchers interested in understanding past climates and environments. We are developing paleoclimate reconstructions and data mining existing records to better understand past climate variability. The paleoclimate archives we utilize include corals, shells, bones, cave deposits, trees, and marine & lake sediments. Investigating paleoclimate archives involves physical, geochemical, statistical, and time series analyses to extract and characterize the climate and environmental information from the archives, see Projects. We are housed in our new 2200-square-foot lab on the Howe Russell Geoscience Complex with an instrument room, wet lab, sample prep space, office space for students and faculty, and classroom and meeting space, see Facilities. The PAST Lab graduate and undergraduate students are working with faculty (see Students) on a variety of projects funded by the National Science Foundation, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, U.S. Geological Survey, National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration, and the State of Louisiana. The PAST Lab is also affiliated with the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center, Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program, and the Coastal Studies Institute at LSU, see Affiliations.


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