AGU 2020 Meeting Presentation

AGU meeting flyer - details follow image PAST lab members present virtually at the AGU Fall 2020 Meeting.

Kristine DeLong: “Progress with a network of Siderastrea siderea corals yields insights into past climate of the Inter-America Sea"

Jacob Warner: “Eastern Pacific El Niño-Southern Oscillation variability ~400-200 BCE: perspectives from a dual-archive approach”

Mudith Weerabaddana: “Subannual coral Ba/Ca variability in Siderastrea siderea from the northwest Gulf of Mexico”

Kendall Brome: “Beach Washed and Modern Corals (Siderastrea siderea) Reveal Shifts in Sea Surface Temperature and Trade Winds in the Central Caribbean Sea for the Common Era”

Abstracts from this meeting can be found here: