Dr. Palardy receives the 2021 LSU Alumni Association Rising Faculty Research Award. Couldn't have done it without my amazing research group!

Dr. Palardy (as Co-PI, with PI Dr. Corina Barbalata) receives a LAMDA Seed Funding Track1B: Collaborative Partnership Award to work on a learning-based control system for robotic 3D printing of UV curable thermoset polymers.

We received the NSF CAREER Award 2021

Two great news today!

Armaghan Naderi passed her PhD General Exam. Congratulations!

Wencai Li's and Harry Frederick's paper, entitled "Multifunctional Films for Thermoplastic Composite Joints: Ultrasonic Welding and Damage Detection under Tension Loading", was accepted for publication in Composites Part A. Way to go!

Congratulations to Harry Frederick for successfully defending his Master thesis and obtaining his Master's degree!

Armaghan's abstract on "Low-cost synthesis of hydroxyapatite on different bed materials: crystalline structure, morphology and process efficiency" was accepted for a virtual poster presentation at the 11th World Biomaterials Congress in the UK (Dec. 11-15, 2020). Congratulations!

Dr. Palardy is Co-PI on a recently awarded NSF NRI grant for collaborative mobile manufacturing in uncertain scenarios, applied to large composite structures.

Wencai Li has been selected as a recipient of the SPE Foundation Automotive & Composites Division Dr. Jackie Rehkopf Scholarship. Her accomplishment will be highlighted at the Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition (ACCE) 2020 this September. Congratulations! 

Caroline Cochran joins the Palardy Lab as a CIMM REU student for summer research conducted virtually. Welcome!

LSU MIE team is awarded $20M from the NSF for the LAMDA project, along with collaborators from four other universities in the state. Dr. Palardy is part of the polymer team.

Dr. Palardy receives the 2020 Michael R. Mangham Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award. This award recognizes faculty who have been selected by their college as outstanding teachers. Honored to have been selected this year; couldn't have done it without our amazing undergraduate students!

Kyle Huber successfully defends his Honors Thesis on design optimization for composites bridge. Congratulations!

Dr. Palardy and collaborators receive a LIFT2 award for development of omnidirectional shock absorbers for helmets.

Polytech Lyon intern Benjamin Vigier joins the Palardy Lab for a 5-month research internship. Welcome!

Juan Amaya, a recent LSU MIE graduate, joins the Palardy Lab as a Research Associate. Welcome!

Armaghan's paper, entitled "A simple route to synthesize zirconia antistatic thin films on glass substrates and their application to polymer-based composites", is accepted for publication in Materials Chemistry and Physics. Congratulations!

David's paper, "High-speed consolidation and repair of carbon fiber/epoxy laminates through ultrasonic vibrations: A feasibility study", is accepted for publication in the Journal of Composite Materials. Congratulations!

Congratulations to David Hoskins for successfully defending his Master thesis and obtaining his Master's degree!

David Hoskins presents his paper titled "An investigation of high-speed consolidation of carbon fiber - epoxy composites through ultrasonic welding" at CAMX 2019 in Anaheim, CA.

Dr. Palardy receives the LaSPACE REA award.

Wencai Li (PhD student) and William Sands (REU student) join the Palardy Lab. Welcome!

David Hoskins presents at the 18th MIE Graduate Student Conference at LSU and wins second runner up for best presentation. Congratulations!

Polytech Lyon intern Quentin Moussiere joins the Palardy Lab for a 5-month research internship. Welcome!

Dr. Palardy will be a panelist member at the Women in SAMPE Forum on May 22nd, in Charlotte, NC.

Harry Frederick (Master student) and Steven Williams (PhD student) join the Palardy Lab. Welcome!

The Palardy Lab welcomes REU students Erin Tsai and Melanie Toups,  as well as LSU ME senior Joshua Vrettos, for summer research on smart polymer composites and metal/composite joining using 3D printing.

Dr. Palardy receives the Board of Regents RCS award!

Dr. Palardy receives the Economic Development Assistantship from LSU Graduate School.

Dr. Palardy will present a conference paper at SPE ANTEC 2018 in Orlando FL, May 7-10.

David Hoskins (Master student) and Armaghan Naderi (PhD student) join the Palardy Lab. Welcome!

Dr. Palardy receives the LaSPACE NASA EPSCoR RAP award.

Dr. Palardy joins the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering at LSU.