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Advanced Composites Manufacturing

The Palardy Research Lab investigates and develops advanced manufacturing techniques for lightweight composite materials. Design of composites involves multiple disciplines, such as chemistry, physics, materials science, and mechanical engineering. Currently, we are focusing on three main research axes: 1) structural health monitoring of advanced thermoplastic composite interfaces, 2) ultrasonic-based fusion bonding, processing and 3D printing of thermoset and thermoplastic composites, and 3) smart robotic automation of manufacturing processes for Composites 4.0 (see our NSF NRI project website for details). Our mission is to further fundamental knowledge by employing novel multiscale experimental approaches and predictive multiphysics process modeling, as well as exploring the possibilities machine learning has to offer in our field through collaborative research. 

Part of our mission is to train the next generation of engineers (undergraduate/graduate students and researchers) to create a diverse workforce ready to meet the composites industry's needs. Every year, we are involved in a certain number of ME capstone design projects to provide guidance for composites design and manufacturing.

We received the NSF CAREER Award 2021!

Current openings: 

Undergraduate students at LSU: our Lab is regularly looking for motivated students wishing to learn more about composites. Contact Dr. Palardy for available positions.

Carbon Fiber
Sandwich carbon fiber/epoxy/foam core wheel designed and manufactured by a capstone design team (Team #24: NASA Rover Challenge, 2018-2019).