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To set up a visit from our Neuroscience Team for your classroom or other events, please contact Dr. Maruska:


Burt's Blog:

Burt is a cool African cichlid fish that blogs about our science! By telling folks about our research from his perspective, Burt helps us get the word out about our ongoing discoveries to kids, parents, teachers, and the public. Visit Burt's Blog





Fin-Tastic Fish Science Comic Book:

Gilgamesh, the all-wise fish takes his friends Tyrone and Toni through some of the science that he's observed during his time with the lab. And Tyrone ventures into Burt the Bully's territory for the showdown of the century.

This comic introduces topics relevant to lab publications ranging from general neuroscience to detailed fish behavior in a fun, narrative setting to improve general understand of our research! See the Comic Book

Fin-Tastic Fish Science comic book front page
Fin-Tastic Fish Science comic page


Reaching out to our neighbors:

The Maruska Lab regularly showcases our research to the local community with oral/visual presentations and interactive activities to increase scientific understanding and engagement.

A Fish Named Burt—Telling the Story of Fish Communication


Bringing Neuroscience to K-12 Students:

LSU Neuroscience faculty and graduate students visit K-12 classrooms & STEM events with hands-on demonstrations designed to promote learning and science literacy. We use electricity sticks, BackYard Brains recording rigs, and other tools to discuss principles of neuron, brain, and sensory system function.

A Visit from the team

Another visit from the team
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