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"Being a Student Can Be Stressful. Science Can Help."

LSU College of Science Blog


Undergrad Sarah Whitlow receives LSU Discover Scholar Award

LSU Discover Scholar | Sarah Whitlow

"Why Girls Drawing Women Scientists Matters"

College of Science Blog


Karen Maruska receives 2017 Rainmaker Award, Mid-Career Scholar in STEM

Faculty to Receive Rainmaker Awards

Karen Maruska headshot

"Unravelling the signalling cues controlling vertebrate reproductive behaviour"

Research Features Magazine


"Divided swim bladder maintains brooding cichlid mum's balance"

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"Teaching kids neuroscience with dancing cockroach legs"

College of Science Blog

Spiker Box with cockroach leg neural recording

Burt's Blog: Stories of cool research from the A. burtoni world told from the perspective of a fish named Burt and his friend Toni!

Burt's Blog

burtoni fish drawing

Karen Maruska is interviewed for "The Cichlid Stage", a blog for cichlid hobbyists

Dr. Karen Maruska Interview, The Cichlid Stage


julie butler with fish

"It's all about Braiiinnnssss in Karen Maruska's Fish Lab"

LSU College of Science Blog

fish brain

Karen Maruska is featured in the "Faculty Spotlight" portion of the LSU Women in Science Newsletter

LSU WIS October 2016 Newsletter 


"Biologists study cichlid's use of their lateral line system in social interactions"

LSU College of Science News


"Fighting cichlids size up opposition with lateral line"

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burtoni male fish

"Twin Genes: Researchers discover second stress response hormone in Louisiana Garfish"

LSU Power Players

spotted gar

"The Courtship"

LSU College of Science Magazine - The Pursuit 2014


"Here's Why Fish are the Unsung Vocalists of the Animal Kingdom"

Earth Touch News Network


"African Cichlid's Noisy Courtship Ritual"

Stanford Report & Science Daily


"Serenading Cichlids"

Natural History Magazine

dominant male burtoni fish

"Cichlids Communicate by Weeing"

Practical Fishkeeping


Contextual chemosensory urine signaling in an African cichlid fish

The Shoreline - Jersey Shore Aquarium Society

burtoni male fish

"Fish Get Ready for Sex in a Hurry"

Stanford Report & YouTube video


"Suppressed Males' Response to Reproductive Opportunity"

Endocrine News