Group Fall 2019

Regulation of DNA-Dependent Processes

  • Genomic DNA in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes is compacted to fit into cellular compartments. We are interested in proteins that promote such compaction, because they regulate important DNA-dependent activities such as gene expression and DNA repair.
  • When a bacterial pathogen infects a host, it must thwart host defenses intended to incapacitate the invader. Efficient responses therefore promote virulence and allow the pathogen to colonize the host. We are focusing on bacterial transcription factors that respond to host-derived signals to control expression of virulence genes.


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Congratulations Sudarshan Thapa

Successfully defended

"From regulation of secondary metabolites to increased virulence under sublethal dosage of antibiotics: An unprecedented role of global regulator, MftR, in Burkholderia thailandensis"

Publication alert

Thapa, S. S. and Grove, A. Impaired purine homeostasis plays a primary role in trimethoprim-mediated induction of virulence genes in Burkholderia thailandensis. (2020) Mol. Microbiol.