Histological image

Biology 4104 Histology + Lab

The goal of the course is to give students a background in the basic histology of cells, tissues, and organs, and emphasizes a relationship between cell structure and function. In Histology lab, students use virtual microscope software that emulates the functions of a light microscope. Students can access to the server where hundreds of our own high resolution scanned digital images of histological microslides are archived. Since our virtual histology archive is web-based, students can access the laboratory material at anytime from anywhere. The virtual microscope provides student with an opportunity for active, independent learning outside of class.

Biology 4104 Histology Lab Digital Microslide Archves

Biology 7800 Neurophysiology

This course emphasizes the electrical properties of neurons. A primary goal is for students to master key concepts that are often difficult to comprehend at the introductory level. These concepts include active and passive membrane properties, Hodgkin & Huxley model, and intrinsic membrane properties that affect firing frequency and patterns of neurons. Secondary goal is for student to understand the basic experimental procedures and data analysis for electrophysiology. Students conduct software experiments in the form of ‘virtual labs' using a simulator of neurons. This course also includes the patch-clamp electrophysiology workshop that offer "wet lab training" for the whole-cell patch-clamp recording. In the workshop, students will learn how to prepare acute brain slices, patch cells, record in both voltage- and current-clamp modes, and analyze recorded data.