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Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Calamia will be accepting applications for graduate student admissions for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Graduate students working with Dr. Calamia gain training in clinical neuropsychology through placements on and off campus. As part of the clinical program, graduate students in Dr. Calamia's lab also typically complete additional requirements as part of a Neuropsychology Emphasis in order to prepare for clinical internship with a neuropsychology focus. Clinical settings also serve as research settings, highlighting the close connection between clinical practice and research as part of LSU's commitment to the scientist-practitioner model of training. Graduate students are encouraged to both be involved in ongoing laboratory studies and also develop an independent line of research tied to the broad focus of the lab on neuropsychological assessment.

To see a list of answers to questions that Dr. Calamia often receives from prospective applicants, please click here

LSU Undergraduate Students

We are always seeking motivated undergraduates interested in joining our lab as research assistants. In the past, research assistants have gained experience administering cognitive and behavioral measures in both medical and university settings. Research assistants may either volunteer or receive course credit (in PSYC 2999 or PSYC 4999). We welcome students for whom research experience in our lab would be beneficial to their undergraduate training, whether their long-term goals after graduation be in clinical psychology, medicine, or some other career.

If you are interested in joining our lab as a research assistant, please complete the Research Assistant Application.