• Graduate Reservoir Engineering (PETE-7241)

This course covers core reservoir engineering concepts and techniques, ranging from fluid and rock properties and production-drive mechanisms, to field development planning and performance forecast. Integration of modern technologies and practical aspects are presented using field case studies. 


  • Formation Evaluation (PETE-4088)

The use of different formation evaluation techniques to provide a comprehensive description of reservoir content and producibility are discussed. This includes drilling fluid and cutting analysis, core analysis, formation testing, drillstem tests, analysis of openhole and casedhole logs by overlay, cross-plot and digital evaluation methods.


  • Economic Aspects of Petroleum Engineering (PETE-3025)

This is a core undergraduate course on economic evaluation of oil and gas projects. Concepts introduced include profitability analysis, risk analysis, mineral ownership and leasing in Louisiana, economic forecasting, and production decline curve analysis.


  • Well Logging (PETE-3036)

This core undergraduate course provides an overview of main logging tools and basic formation evaluation concepts. Qualitative and quantitative petrophysical evaluation by means of electric, acoustic, and radioactive well logs is discussed. 


  • Senior Design (PETE-4998)

In-situ Combustion in Louisiana (2019)

Induced Seismicity due to Fracking  (2019)