Honors & Awards


Dr. & Mrs. Warner in Tiger Stadium

Dr. Warner, with Mrs. Warner at his side, is recognized for his 2016 SEC Professor of the Year award during halftime of an LSU football game.

2019  Honorary Lifetime Membership, Society for Applied Spectroscopy (SAS)

2019  Nature Award, Mentoring in Science

2017  Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry

2017  National Academy of Inventor
2017  Top 10 Mentors, Analytical Scientist’s Power List

2016  South Eastern Conference Professor of the Year

2016  American Academy of Arts & Sciences

2014  Lifetime Achievement, NOBCChE

2013  ACS Award in Analytical Chemistry

2010  Fellow, Society of Applied Spectroscopy
2009  Fellow, American Chemical Society (Inaugural Class)
2008  ACS Analytical Chemistry Division Award, Spectrochemical Analyses
2007  Anachem Award
2006  Southern Chemist Award, ACS Memphis Local Section
2005  Charles E. Coates Award, ACS Baton Rouge Local Section
2004  Distinguished Alumnus, University of Washington, College of Arts & Sciences
2003  ACS Award, Encouraging Disadvantaged Students into Careers in the 
            Chemical Sciences
2002  Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor
2001  Boyd Professorship, LSU System
2000  AAAS Lifetime Mentor Award
2000  CASE Louisiana Professor of the Year
2000  Eastern Analytical Symposium Award for Achievements in the Fields of
            Analytical Sciences
1998  Fulbright Fellowship, Research/Teaching in Keny
1997  Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
1992  Charles Holmes Herty Medal, ACS Georgia Section
1991  Gold Medal, New York section of Society of Applied Spectroscopy
1988  Percy Julian Award, NOBCChE
1984  Presidential Young Investigator Award