Our home is at the Department of Biological Sciences, LSU.  
collage of images from the Vourekas LabThe Vourekas lab is exploring mechanisms of gene regulation that act at the RNA level.
We employ classic biochemistry, genetics and high-throughput sequencing approaches
(CLIP-Seq, RNA-Seq) to understand the functional roles of proteins that bind and act on RNA, and elucidate the regulatory activities of RNA-protein complexes in vivo.

We are particularly interested in mRNA regulation by small RNAs, and more recently,
control of translation initiation, especially during stress. These are mechanisms that are often dysregulated in diseases, and our ultimate aspiration is to describe paradigms
that can help the fight against human ailments. 



September 2023 Congratulations to Mahmoud Dondeti for passing his General exam!

August 2023 Congratulations to Josef Mick for passing his qualifying exam!

June 2023 Our lab received a three-year RCS grant from Louisiana Board of Regents to study a novel mechanism of small RNA mediated regulation of gene expression in human cells!

January 2023 Welcome back Kaili Taylor after spending spring and summer 2022 at University of Edinburgh (Scotland).

January 2023 We received an Emerging Research Grant from the Provost’s Fund for Innovation in Research!

November 2022 Eleni achieved honorable mention from the 8th Annual LSU International Scholars Research Fair Contest at LSU!

October 2022 Congratulations to Allison Scarboro for completing her Entrance Seminar!

October 2022 Excited to perform our Pilot experiment with our BioComp fractionator!!

July 2022 Collaboration paper with Dr. Maria Hatzoglou from Case-Western University.

July 2022 Method paper for the analysis of CLIP-Seq accompanied by RNA-Seq.

June 2022 At the 28th tRNA conference at Ohio State University:

1) Dr. Vourekas gave a talk

2) Eleni presented a poster and won a poster award!

Jun. 2022 We welcome Josef Mick in the lab!

April 2022 Congratulations to Mahmoud Dondeti for completing his Entrance Seminar!

March 2022 We welcome Aleah Holts in the lab!

December 2021 Congratulations to Monsif Shawky for passing his General exam!

August 2021 We welcome the new member of the family "Pherenike"

August 2021 Congratulations to Allison Scarboro for passing her qualifying exam!

October 2020 We welcome Eleni Liapi in the lab!

September 2020 We welcome Mahmoud Dondeti and Abd-El-Monsif (Monsif) Shawky in the lab!

August 2020 We welcome Alison Scarboro in the lab!

January 2020 We welcome Kaili Taylor and Kenneth Avanzino in the lab!

January 2020 One year at LSU Biological Sciences!

December 2019 CLIP experiment brewing...

December 2019 Lab Website is live!