Principal Investigator

SeYeon Chung

SeYeon Chung, Ph.D.

I obtained my B.S. (Microbiology), M.S. (Biological Sciences) and Ph.D. (Biological Sciences) all from Seoul National University in Korea (advisor: Dr. Jeongbin Yim). During my graduate training, I studied planar cell polarity in Drosophila. I collaborated with Dr. Paul Adler at UVA and was a visiting student in his lab for about a year. After graduation, I did my postdoctoral training at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine with Dr. Debbie Andrew, where I started working on tubular organ formation during development. I joined the LSU Biology faculty in the fall of 2017 and am currently an Associate Professor. I enjoy yoga and love dogs, cats, pandas, and all cute furry things.

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Postdoctoral Fellow

Thao Le

Thao Phuong Le, Ph.D.

I obtained my BS degree in Biotechnology from Hanoi University of Science and Technology in Vietnam. Afterwards, I received a fellowship to pursue a combined MS-PhD program at KAIST in Korea. I was excited to expand my knowledge in biology and immerse myself in a new culture. Under the guidance of Prof. Kwang-Wook Choi, I developed a strong interest in developmental biology and became fascinated by the process of how tissues attain their final shape during development. I joined the Chung lab in January 2018, and I am studying salivary gland tubulogenesis in the Drosophila embryo.

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Graduate Students

Jeffrey MatthewJeffrey Matthew

I obtained my B.S. degree (Biochemistry) from the University of Lagos, Nigeria in January 2018. I spent the next two years as an intern at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, where I gained an appreciation for research that aims to unravel the nature of biological processes with the goal of providing therapeutics. I joined the Chung lab as a Ph.D. student to gain a deeper understanding of the processes that drive organ formation, and I hope to apply this knowledge in the field of regenerative medicine.

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DODebbie Obadofin

I graduated from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Nigeria with a B.S. in Pure and Applied Biology in June 2021. I had over 1 year of research and work experience at the Molecular Diagnostic and Research Laboratory, University of Ilorin, where I sharpened my scientific knowledge and research skills in cellular and molecular biology. I joined the Chung lab as a Ph.D. student with a strong interest in developmental biology and I hope to apply my knowledge and research findings to improve medical and healthcare globally.

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James Woodward

James (Luke) Woodward

I am currently a Master's student in the LSU College of Science as a Biochemistry major. After finishing my undergraduate degree with Honors Thesis work, I decided to attend graduate school. My interest in developmental biology and tissue morphogenesis led me to seek out a position in the Chung Lab. I was drawn to the lab's research and decided to join as a member, to gain more knowledge and experience in the field.

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RitikRitik Pokharel

I graduated with a B.Sc. in Agriculture from Tribhuvan University, Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Nepal, in December 2021. Previously, I conducted research on large cardamom, coffee, farm mechanization, and rice as part of my thesis and while working as a research manager in Nepal. In January 2024, I joined the Chung lab as a Ph.D. student. My goal is to delve deeper into the intricate processes that drive organ formation in early embryonic development. This opportunity allows me to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in this field and fulfill my passion for scientific exploration.

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Undergraduate Students

Jared Rodrigue

Jared Rodrigue (President's Aid; Honors Thesis)

I am a senior majoring in Biological Sciences. I am an Honors College student pursuing my Honors Thesis in the Chung lab. I plan on attending graduate school after graduation. I also enjoy many activities such as weightlifting, playing guitar, and hiking.

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Reem Qayssar

Reem Qayssar (Work Study)

I am a junior majoring in Biological Sciences and my goal is to attend Dental school after graduation. Apart from my academic pursuits, I enjoy reading and swimming.

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DaniDaniella Manilla

I am a freshman majoring in Biochemistry aspiring to pursue post-graduate studies in either research, medical school or dental school. I'm a member of the Ogden Honors College and I am working towards pursuing my Honors Thesis in the Chung Lab. Outside of my academic endeavours, I also enjoy playing video games, reading books, and going to the gym.

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Graduate Students

Vishakha Vishwakarma, Ph.D. (Aug 2018-Dec 2023)

Charlotte Adams, M.S. (Aug 2021-Dec 2023)


Honors Thesis Students

James (Luke) Woodward (Jan 2021-Dec 2023; LSU Discover Grant) - Master's student in the lab

Zahra Naeini (Jan 2020-May 2023; Distinguished Researcher; LSU Discover Grant) - LSU New Orleans Medical School

Ryan Asgunod (Jan 2019-May 2020; Distinguished Researcher) - LSU Shreveport Medical School

Samantha Vercher (Sep 2018-May 2020) - LSU Health New Orleans School of Nursing


Undergraduate Research Assistants

Noah LaBruyere (Nov 2023-Jan 2024)

Sarah Kelley (May 2023-Jan 2024)

Hannah Dickerson (May 2023-July 2023)

Steven Young (Jan 2023-Mar 2023)

Faiz Baloch (Jan 2022-May 2022)

Jacob Moreland (Jan 2021-Dec 2021)

Charlotte Adams (Mar 2019-May 2021)

Isabella Labruzzo (Sep 2018-May 2021; LSU Discover Grant) - LSU Shreveport Medical School

Alyssa Lobello (May 2018-May 2020; LSU Discover Grant) - LSU Shreveport Medical School

Nicole Catalano (May 2018-May 2020)

Majd Al-Falah (Oct 2018-May 2019)

Lauren Hall (Sep 2017-Nov 2018)

Alexis Blackwell (Mar 2018-July 2018)

Heather Duplessis (Jan 2018-May 2018)

Youngone Kim (Sep 2017-Feb 2018)