Congratulations Ke and Visal for successfully defending their doctoral work.

Revati has been promoted to associate professor with tenure.

Revati received the Louisiana State University Alumni Association Rising Faculty Research Award and the Non-Tenured Faculty Research Award given by the College of Science.


Pu and Caitlin successfully defended their doctoral work. Congratulations Dr. Pu and Dr. Caite.

Congratulations Pu for receiving the Neil Kestner Graduate Student Research Award in Physical Chemistry.

Congratulations Visal for receiving the ACS travel award at the Fall National Meeting of NOBCChE.

Congratulations Ke and Visal for receiving the first place and the second place, respectively, at the Poster Competition, International Conference on Current Trends in Computational Chemistry in Jackson, MS.

Rasidah (joint with the Kuroda group) and Erin (joint with the Zhang group) join the group.

Revati receives the OpenEye Award from the ACS Comp Division.

Revati's NSF Career proposal is funded.

Julie Puyo joins the group for a semester. Julie is an undergraduate student at Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse , France.

Dr. Rolf David joins the group.


Congratulations Caitlin for receiving a departmental teaching award for the best teaching assistant.

Revati received funding as a co-PI from the Department of Energy along with Dr. Chris Arges from the Chemical Engineering department 

Congratulations Caitlin for receiving the Chateaubriand Fellowship of the Office for Science & Technology of the Embassy of France in the United States. Caitlin will spend six months in the group of Prof. Anne Milet at the University of Grenoble Alpes in France.

Ishara, Keshani and Unique join the group.

Lukas and Julia have joined the group as undergraduate researchers.


Revati is invited as a Keynote Speaker for the Molecular Education and Research Consortium in Undergraduate computational chemistry (MERCURY) workshop in Furman, SC.


Congratulations to Kiara- the first student to get her PhD in the group. Kiara graduated from the Kumar group and is currently at BASF in the Refining Catalyst Division.

Revati received the European Union Erasmus + Award for Faculty Teaching and Research Development at University Grenoble Alps

Caitlin Bresnahan and Pu Du completed their General Exams

Caitlin Bresnahan went to Grenoble, France, to work with our collaborator Professor Anne Milet at the University of Grenoble Alpes, France.

Carson Szot joins the group as an undergraduate researcher for a semester.


Visal and Ke join the group.

Drew joins the group as an undergraduate researcher.


Revati is a participant and received funding from the Louisiana Consortium for Neutron Scattering- a Department of Energy center to carry out computational investigations on aggregation behavior of polypeptoids.

Pu and Caitlin joined the group.

Revati received a grant from the Louisiana Board of Regents Research Competitiveness Subprogram to support research for modeling chemical reactivity in complex materials.

Kiara was awarded the Best Poster Award as the LA-SIGMA Symposium.

Kiara  completed her General Exam.

Revati received the Summer Stipend Award, from the Council on Research, Office of Research and Economic Development at Louisiana State University and the National Academies education fellow in the life sciences.


Kiara joins the group as the first graduate student and Tanping is the first postdoctoral scholar in the group.

Kumar group is setup.