Photo of Ivan AgulloIvan Agullo
Associate Professor
Quantum field theory in curved spacetimes, cosmology, quantum gravity, analog gravity in non-linear optical systems,  and quantum clock synchronization

Photo of Thomas CorbittThomas Corbitt
Associate Professor
Experimental Quantum Optics and Experimental General Relativity

Photo of Hwang LeeHwang Lee
Associate Professor
Theoretical quantum optics and quantum information

rauRavi Rau
Alumni Professor      
Atomic Theory and Quantum Information

PhD Students

Photo of Pratik BargePratik Barge
Machine learning for quantum sensing

Photo of Arshag DanageozianArshag Danageozian
Modeling the environment noise on an NV center qubit using coherent population trapping

Photo of Stav HaldarStav Haldar
Quantum many-body systems, interface of general relativity and quantum optics

KranasDimitrios Kranas
Quantum physics

Photo of Margarite LabordeMargarite Laborde
Quantum computing, quantum machine learning

DPatelDhrumil Patel 
Quantum Computation: Quantum Algorithms, Computational Complexity and Machine Learning

Photo of Aby PhilipAby Philip
Quantum information and quantum key distribution

Photo of Brandon PurvisBran Purvis
Quantum information

Photo of Paras RegmiParas Regmi
Quantum optics, quantum information, and quantum computation

SooryaSoorya Rethinasamy
Quantum computing, quantum information theory, and quantum causality

vishalVishal Singh
Quantum information theory, quantum communication and quantum computation

Undergraduate Students

Photo of Jesse FrankJesse Frank
Quantum Optics and Photonics

Photo of Roy PaceRoy Pace
Quantum computing circuit designs

Photo of Aliza SiddiquiAliza Siddiqui
Quantum teleportation, quantum networks, quantum computation and information

Former Visiting Scholars

Photo of Xiao-Qi XiaoXiao-Qi Xiao
Theoretical quantum optics

Former Postdoctoral Scholars

Photo of Xiaoting WangXiaoting Wang
Quantum optimization, quantum control theory, quantum information

Photo of Thomas CooneyThomas Cooney
Mathematics (especially functional analysis) and applications to quantum information theory

Photo of Moochan KimMoochan Kim

Former PhD Students

BradyAnthony Brady
Graduated 2021 - Postdoctoral researcher in quantum information science and quantum optics at University of Arizona.  
DixonKahlil Dixon
Entangling light via a quantum nanomechanical oscillator
VishalVishal Katariya
Quantum information: communication protocols and thermodynamic aspects
Sumeet Khatri
Sumeet Khatri
Graduated 2021 - Postdoctoral researcher at Dahlem Center for Complex Quantum Systems at the Free University of Berlin
Kunal Sharma
Kunal Sharma
Graduated 2021 - Hartree Postdoctoral Fellow at Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science (QuICS) at the University of Maryland

Photo of Elisha Siddiqui MatekoleElisha Siddiqui Matekole
Graduated 2020 - Postdoctoral researcher at Brookhaven National Laboratory

Photo of Safura SharifiSafura Sharifi
Graduated 2020 - Postdoctoral researcher at University of Maryland

Photo of Kevin Valson JacobKevin Valson Jacob
Graduated 2020 - Postdoctoral researcher at University of Toronto

Photo of Eneet KaurEneet Kaur
Graduated 2020 - Postdoctoral researcher at University of Waterloo

Photo of Sushovit AdhikariSushovit Adhikari
Graduated 2019 - Postdoctoral researcher at Argonne National Laboratory

Photo of Nicholas StuderNicholas Studer
Graduated 2019 - Currently at Stennis Space Center

Photo of Chenglong YouChenglong You
Graduated 2019 - Postdoctoral fellow at LSU

Photo of Siddhartha DasSiddhartha Das
Graduated 2018 - Postdoctoral fellow at Université libre de Bruxelles

Photo of Nick LanningNick Lanning
Graduated 2018, Quantum Physicist - Air Force Research Lab

Photo of Zhihao XiaoZhihao Xiao
Graduated 2017, Postdoctoral Research Associate at U Mass Lowell  

Photo of Noah DavisNoah Davis
Graduated 2018 - Postdoctoral fellow at Applied Research Laboratories

Photo of Haoyu QiHaoyu Qi
Graduated 2017 - Research scientist at Xanadu

Photo of Qing-Le WangQing-Le Wang
Former visiting PhD student working on quantum cryptography, quantum information theory, and quantum computation

Photo of Robinjeet SinghRobinjeet Singh
Graduated 2016 - Postdoctoral research at National Institute for Standards and Technology

Photo of Jonathan OlsonJonathan Olson
Graduated 2016 - Postdoc at Harvard University, founding scientist at Zapata Computing

Photo of Bryan GardBryan Gard
Graduated 2016 - Research Associate at Virginia Tech

Photo of  Manish GuptaManish Gupta
Graduated 2016 - Postdoc at Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center at Polish Academy of Science 

Photo of Ashkan BalouchiAshkan Balouchi
Graduated 2016 - Global Credit Quant Analyst

Photo of Christopher GranierChristopher Granier
Graduated 2015 - Faculty at Family Christian Academy

Photo of Kaushik SeshadreesanKaushik Seshadreesan
Graduated 2015 - Postdoctoral researcher at University of Arizona

Photo of Bhaskar Roy BardhanBhaskar Roy Bardhan
Graduated 2014 - Research Engineer-Quantum Algorithms at Ford Motor Company Research

Photo of Kebei JiangKebei Jiang
Graduated 2014 - Seismic Imager at CGG Corporation

Christopher Richardson
Graduated 2012 - Quantitative Analyst at Chatham Financial

William Plick
Graduated 2010 (Distinguished Dissertation) - Assistant Professor, University of Dayton

Aravind Chiruvelli
Graduated 2009 - Director - Data science and Analytics at Omnitracs

Sean Huver
Graduated 2009 - CEO and Founder at Deep Science AI

Ryan Glasser
Graduated 2009 - Assistant Professor, Tulane University

Argenis DaSilva
Graduated 2009

Stephan Olson
Graduated 2008 - Associate Professor, Boise State University

Former Undergraduate Students

Photo of Manon BartManon Bart
Graduated 2020 - Now PhD student in Physics at Tulane University

Renée Desporte Renée Desporte  Graduated 2021






Associate Members

Yaser Mohammadi Banadaki
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Bhaskar Roy Bardhan
Research Engineer-Quantum Algorithms at Ford Motor Company Research

Tim Byrnes
Professor of Physics

Lior Cohen
Research Assistant Professor

Mette Gaarde
Professor of Physics

Kurt Jacobs
Research Scientist

Robert O'Connell
Boyd Professor and Professor of Physics

A. Ravi P. Rau
Professor of Physics

Yousef Salamin
Professor of Physics

Kenneth Schafer
Ball Family Distinguished Professor of Physics

Daniel Sheehy
Assistant Professor of Physics

Stephen Shipman
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Masahiro Takeoka
Research Scientist

Georgios Veronis
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Mark Wilde
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering