BIOL 4015 - Conservation Biology - Fall 2012

(certified as a Communication-Intensive [C-I] course; emphasis on speaking & writing)


Instructor:  Dr. Kyle E. Harms

Textbook:  Groom, Meffe & Carroll (2006) Principles of Conservation Biology, 3rd ed.

Syllabus, PowerPoint files, assigned readings, etc.  –  enrolled LSU students had access to these via the course's LSU Moodle page; others may contact Kyle to receive these items electronically.


Additional Resources

Biodiversity & Biodiversity Loss (including the 6th Mass Extinction)

"A Land-Bridge Island Perspective on Mammalian Extinctions in Western N. American Parks" – W. D. Newmark (1987) Nature

ARKive – images of life on Earth

Encyclopedia of Life – species-accounts database of life on Earth

"Fragments of Extinction: The Sound of Ecosystems" – David Monacchi's acoustic archive project

"Life Within One Cubic Foot" – E. O. Wilson (February 2010) National Geographic Magazine

Natural History Museum – Wildlife Photographer of the Year – fabulous natural history photos

"The Tree of Life" – a poem by David R. Maddison

Tree of Life – web project of phylogenetic-relationships database of life on Earth

Understanding Evolution – University of California at Berkeley website concerning evolution


Climate Change

See also Global Change

"Belief in Climate Change Hinges on Worldview" – National Public Radio report (February 23, 2010)

Climate Central

Climate Reality Project

Data ONE – Universal Access to Data about Life on Earth and the Environment

Extreme Ice Survey

Greta Thunberg's Twitter feed

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

James Hansen's website – includes updates to Storms of my Grandchildren (2010)

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – Climate Change

"Time-Lapse Proof of Extreme Ice Loss" – James Balog (2009) TED talk

"Ways to be Wrong: Climategate, Climate Science And Who Gets a Say" – National Public Radio report (March 23, 2010)

"With Deaths of Forests, a Loss of Key Climate Protectors"The New York Times (October 1, 2011)


Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology for All – N. S. Sodhi & P. R. Ehrlich (2010); free on-line Conservation Biology textbook

Conservation Conversations with Sean O'Brien - monthly NatureServe podcast interviews with conservation professionals

Environmental Justice Atlas

Network of Conservation Educators & Practitioners


Conservation Genetics

"Genetic Restoration of the Florida Panther" – W. E. Johnson et al. (2010) Science

"Genomic Sweep & Potential Genetic Rescue… in an Isolated Wolf Population" – J. R. Adams et al. (2011) Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. B

"Rescue of a Severely Bottlenecked Wolf… Population by a Single Immigrant" – C. Vilà et al. (2003) Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. B


Earth Hour

Earth Hour – check the link for the upcoming Earth Hour event


Ecological / Environmental Footprint (and how to reduce it)

Ecological Footprint – calculate your ecological / environmental footprint

Global Footprint Network – calculate your ecological / environmental footprint

Home Energy Saver – an energy-audit tool for homes

"How much is left?" – Scientific American (September 2010)

"The Story of Stuff" – 20-minute video on the fates of material goods

"What's Your Consumption Factor?" – J. Diamond (January 2, 2008) The New York Times


Ecosystem Approaches to Conservation

"Restoration of the Mississippi Delta: Lessons from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita" – J. Day et al. (2007) Science



"Four Billion Years of Evolution in Six Minutes" – a thoughtful TED talk by Prosanta Chakrabarty (LSU) on YouTube

Understanding Evolution – University of California at Berkeley website concerning evolution



See Biodiversity & Biodiversity Loss


Five Minute University

"Five Minute University" – Father Guido Sarducci's comedy on YouTube


Global Change

See also Climate Change

"An Epoch Debate" – G. Vince (2011) Science


Habitat Destruction & Degradation

"Can Our Species Escape Destruction?" – J. Terborgh (2011) New York Review of Books

"Should Science Take Sides in the Gulf [of Mexico]?" – National Public Radio report (August 20, 2010); interview with Chris D'Elia (LSU), Linda Hooper Bui (LSU) et al.

"The Tragedy of the Commons" – G. Hardin (1968) Science


Human Population Size / Trends Resources

Population Reference Bureau

"The Population Bomb Revisited" – Paul R. Ehrlich & Anne H. Ehrlich (2009) Electronic Journal of Sustainable Development

U.S. Census Bureau's Population Counter ("Clock")


Invasive Species

"Top 10 Invasive Species"Time Magazine (February 2, 2010)


Natural History

The Natural Histories Project



"The Perils of Overfishing" – National Public Radio interview with Daniel Pauly

Part 1 (Nov. 2, 2009)

Part 2 (Nov. 3, 2009)


Protected Areas

"To Save Wildlife, Namibia's Farmers Take Control" – National Public Radio (October 10, 2011)



Capital Area (Baton Rouge) Corporate Recycling Council



"Freeze the footprint of food" – Clay (2011) Nature

"Walking the talk on sustainability" – Laband & South (2010) Frontiers in Ecology & the Environment


Valuing Nature

"Biodiversity Studies: Science and Policy" – Paul R. Ehrlich & E. O. Wilson (1991) Science

"The Land Ethic" – Aldo Leopold (1949)


What Can You Do?

"51 Things We Can Do to Save the Environment"Time Magazine (2007)


International Conservation-Oriented Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Aududon Society

Conservation International (CI)

Sierra Club

The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)


National (USA) Conservation-Oriented Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)


Student Conservation Association


Local Conservation-Oriented Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

Louisiana Environmental Action Network


Federal (USA) Governmental Offices Charged to Varying Degrees with Conservation-Oriented Mandates

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

U.S. National Park Service


Scientific Societies

Association for Tropical Biology & Conservation

Ecological Society of America

Society for the Study of Evolution


State (Louisiana) Governmental Offices Charged to Varying Degrees with Conservation-Oriented Mandates

Coastal Protection & Restoration Authority (CPRA)

LA Department of Natural Resources

LA Department of Wildlife & Fisheries

LA Natural Heritage Program


Stay Informed

British Broadcasting Service (BBC)


EcoTone – blog of the Ecological Society of America

Also see "blogging ecologists" for a list of ecologically-oriented blogs

National Public Radio (NPR)

The Advocate

The New York Times



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