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Kyle HarmsDepartment of Biological Sciences

Louisiana State University (LSU)

202 Life Sciences Building
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Telephone: 225-578-7566

E-mail: kharms@lsu.edu 

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Photo 2019 © Eddy Perez, LSU

Kyle's interview for LSU Experimental – Biodiversity Research

Kyle's interview on WHYR – Corona Virus Pandemic

Kyle's most recent LSU courses

Organization for Tropical Studies – OTS (Costa Rica, South Africa)

  • OTS operates the La Selva (Costa Rica) and Skukuza (South Africa) Research Stations, among others
  • LSU is a Permanent Institutional Member of OTS; I serve LSU as an Institutional Representative to OTS
  • Contact me for information about undergraduate and graduate OTS field and online courses, as well as research opportunities

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute – STRI (Republic of Panama)

  • STRI operates the Barro Colorado Island (BCI) Research Station (Panama), among others
  • As a Ph.D. student and Post-doctoral Research Fellow, I lived for nearly 5 years in Panama, conducting research through STRI
  • Contact me for information about undergraduate and graduate research opportunities through STRI