The Climate Extremes and Modeling Group investigates extreme weather events (e.g., extreme precipitation and tropical cyclones) on a global and regional scales. We aim to 1) characterize their past changes and predict future changes; 2) uncover the underlying physical processes; and 3) evaluate their societal and environmental impacts. 


Hurricane Ida before making landfall in Louisiana (Image credit: CIRA/NOAA)

Using a broad range of climate data (observations, reanalysis, and satellite products) and climate models, we tackle research questions of high societal relevance, including but not limited to:

  • How have the extreme events changed, and how will they change?
  • What are the effects of natural variability and anthropogenic climate change on extreme events? What are the physical processes through which they are linked?
  • How do the changes impact human society and natural resources?

By addressing these questions, we strive to improve predictive understanding of extreme events and increase societal resilience to future extreme events.