Photo of Dr. James Moroney in the lab posing with plates of C. reinhardtii

Dr. James Moroney - Principal Investigator


Jim Moroney earned his PhD in Biochemistry from Cornell University working with Dr. Richard E. McCarty. His PhD work was on the structure and function of the chloroplast ATP synthase. He did his postdoctoral work in the laboratory of Dr. N.E. Tolbert in the Biochemistry Department at Michigan State University. He worked on photorespiration in algae but also began work on the CO2 concentrating mechanism (CCM) of the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. He has continued to work on the CCM and C. reinhardtii since joining the faculty of Louisiana State University.

Headshot of Dr. David Longstreth smilingDr. David Longstreth - Collaborating Professor


Headshot of postdoc Remmy smilingDr. Remmy Kasili - Postdoctoral Researcher


Remmy is a postdoctoral researcher focused on discovering the functions of various genes in algae that can function in higher plants, especially crop plants, and can be used to make photosynthesis more efficient. Remmy earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Botany, Zoology and Education and his Master’s Degree in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry from Kenyatta University in Kenya. He went on to receive his Doctorate in Plant Biology from Louisiana State University. His work is published in many peer-reviewed journals, including Development, PloS Genetics and BMC Microbiology

Photo of Ashwani Rai smiling in front of a body of water with a city skyline in the background

Ashwani Rai (Joined in Fall 2017) - Graduate Student


Ashwani completed his Bachelor's in Biotechnology at Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida, India and major dissertation research at International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), New Delhi, India. He entered the LSU Biology graduate program in August 2017. He loves to travel, explore new opportunities and expand his social and scientific horizons. His focus lies on understanding the molecular physiology of the carbon concentrating mechanism (CCM) in C. reinhardtii using different molecular techniques.

Photo of Hiruni Weerasooriya smiling in front of a building on LSU campus

Hiruni Weerasooriya (Joined in Spring 2018) - Graduate Student


Hiruni majored in Plant Sciences at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. She joined the LSU Biology graduate program in January 2018. She is currently working on characterizing the carbonic anhydrases in higher plants. She enjoys reading which helps her grow as a person, expanding her views on life.

Headshot of Lilly LaPlace smilingLilly LaPlace (Joined in Spring 2020) - Research Associate


Lilly graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from LSU in December 2020. She works as a research associate, assisting the graduate students with their research and continuing work on a project she began as an honors thesis which is focused on investigating the role of putative bicarbonate transporters CCP1/2 in the Chlamydomonas CCM.

Undergraduate Researchers

Photo of undergraduate Timothy Chen standing with arms crossed in front of a pinball machineTimothy Chen (Joined in Spring 2019)


Timothy is a senior Biological Sciences major from Harvey, Louisiana. His lab project involves quantifying carbonic anhydrase activity. He is planning on attending graduate school to study plant biology. In his free time, he enjoys skateboarding and thrift shopping. 

Headshot of Victoria Filloon smilingVictoria Filloon (Joined in Spring 2019)


Victoria is a senior majoring in Biological Sciences with a minor in Philosophy with plans to attend medical school. She is a part of Undergraduate Research Ambassadors and loves to hike. She is currently working on characterizing different carbonic anhydrases in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Headshot of Ashleigh Brindle smilingAshleigh Brindle (Joined in Spring 2021)


Ashleigh is a sophomore majoring in Biological Sciences from Maurice, Louisiana. After graduating, she plans on attending medical school to become a plastic surgeon. 

Former Lab Members

Headshot of former postdoc Viviana Rosati

Viviana Rosati (2021)

Currently working as a KTP Associate with the University of York and Tozer Seeds

Headshot of Ananya smiling

Ananya Mukherjee (2019)

Currently a postdoc at University of Nebraska

Headshot of Robert DiMario smiling


Robert DiMario (2016)

Currently a postdoc at Washington State University

Photo of Bratati holding a koala

Bratati Mukherjee (2013)

Currently at IIT Mumbai

Photo of Bingbing doing lab work

Bingbing Ma (2012)

Currently a postdoc at Rutgers University

Photo of Kristy holding a box

Kristy Brumfield (2009)

Currently at Xavier University

Headshot of Ruby smiling

Ruby Ynalvez (2007)

Currently at Texas A&M International University

Headshot of James smiling

James Adams (2004)

Currently at Invitrogen


Photo of Steve Pollock

Steve Pollock (2003)

Photo of Mou Mitra

Mou Mitra (2003)

Currently an associate professor at University of West Georgia

Photo of Aravind

Aravind Somanchi (1998)

Currently a senior scientist at Syngenta

Photo of Zhi-Yuan Chen

Zhi-Yuan Chen (1996)

Currently at Louisiana State University, Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology


Photo of Mamta Rawat

Mamta Rawat (1994)

Currently at Fresno State

Photo of WenyuWenyu

Photo of Baran

Baran Tural (M.S. 2005)


Photo of Marylou with a microscope

Marylou Machingura

Currently at Armstrong University, Athens



Photo of Joana Bajsa-Hirschel

Joana Bajsa-Hirschel

Currently at Mississippi State as a researcher

Photo of Nadine Jungnick using a PCR machine

Nadine Jungnick

Photo of Sergio

Sergio Colombo

Mark Burrow

Currently at Texas A&M Lubbock, TX



Former Research Associates/Lab Managers

Headshot of Susan LabordeSusan Laborde (2016)

Headshot of Cathy Mason

Cathy Mason (2007)

Headshot of Tiffany Simms

Tiffany Simms Lindsey (2010)



Former Undergraduates

Undergraduate worker Kayla in the lab holding plates

Kayla Schwartzenburg

Undergraduate worker Anna in the lab using a pippette

Anna Devall

Undergraduate worker Andrew in a lab coat holding a metal tank

Andrew Bratton

Undergraduate worker Rebecca smiling in front of a body of water

Rebecca Degeneres

Photo of Jimmy Mickler in the lab holding a pippetteJimmy Mickler (2018)

Currently at LSU Health Science Center in New Orleans

Photo of Camille Prejean smiling in the lab in front of the laminar flow hood

Camille Prejean (2017)

Currently at LSU Health Science Center in New Orleans

Headshot of Madelinn Fink smilingMadelinn R Fink

Currently at LSU Health Science Center in New Orleans

Photo of Josh Schwartzenburg in the lab holding a pippette over a gel electrophoresis tankJosh Schwartzenburg

Currently at LSU Health Science Center in New Orleans


Photo of Jennifer Quebedeaux working in the laminar flow hood, holding a pippetteJennifer Quebedeuax (2015)

Currently a gradute student in Illinois

Photo of DJ Speed smilingDJ Speed (2015)

Currently a graduate student in Chicago

Photo of Julie Cronan smiling in a patch of grass with a dogJulie Cronan (2013)

Currently a med student in New Orleans

Photo of Emilie Saunee watering plants in the growth chamber

Emilie Saunee (2013)


Photo of Molly Lonergan in the lab using a pippette

Molly Lonergan(2013)

Photo of Kristen Bice in the lab holding a pippette over a gel electrophoresis tank

Kristen Bice (2012)

Currently at LSU Health Sciences Center Medical School in New Orleans

Photo of Michael Sonnier in the lab looking at plates

Michael Sonnier (2012)

Currently at LSU Health Sciences Center Medical School in New Orleans

Photo of Wes Frey in graduation regalia smiling side-by-side with Dr. Moroney

Wes Frey (2010)

Postdoc in Cold Spring Harbor


Photo of Kate Fusilier smiling

Kate Fusilier (2010)

Currently at LSU Health Sciences Center Medical School in New Orleans

Photo of Rachel Yates smiling, sitting on a surface with legs crossed

Rachel Yates (2010)

Currently Working for Chevron

Photo of Hoa Bui in the lab

Hoa Bui (2009)

Photo of Monica Hartman holding the handle of the autoclave door

Monica Hartman (2009)

Currently attending ULM College of Pharmacy


Photo of Trang Pham smiling in front of a green wall

Trang Pham (2009)

Headshot of Lauren Chauvin smiling

Lauren Chauvin (2007)

Headshot of Megan Hartman smiling

Megan Hartman (2008)

Currently at LSU Health Sciences Center Medical School in New Orleans

Headshot of Ayana Ward smiling

Ayana Ward


Headshot of Natosha Allen smiling

Natosha Allen

Headshot of Khrishen Cunnusamy smiling

Khrishen Cunnusamy

Photo of Ashley posing in front of a poster


Headshot of Davey



Headshot of Lacey smiling


Headshot of Laura smilingLaura

Headshot of Michael McCormickMichael McCormick

Headshot of Scott Lato smiling

Scott Lato