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ECON 2011 – Principles of Macroeconomics (Honors)Catalog Description: Prereq.: ECON 2000 or ECON 2001. This is a General Education course. Same as ECON 2010, with special honors emphasis for qualified students. Credit will not be given for this course and ECON 2010. Study of economy-wide phenomena, including inflation, unemployment, the monetary system, economic growth, international trade and finance.

ECON 4710 – Aggregate Economic Analysis Catalog Description: 4710 Aggregate Economic Analysis (3) Prereq.: ECON 2035 or equivalent. Factors determining aggregate level of national income, employment, and prices; static Keynesian, monetarist, and supply-side models developed and compared.

Econ 4070 – Economic Growth (Undergraduate)4070 Economic Growth (3) Prereq.: ECON 2000 and 2010; or 2030. Analysis of the determinants of economic growth through development of theoretical and empirical models of economic growth; discussion of both old and new growth theory and convergence of income levels across countries.

Econ 7735 – Macroeconomics III (Graduate)7735 Macroeconomics III (3) Advanced dynamic general equilibrium models; includes recursive methods, real business cycle models, new-Keynesian economics, asset pricing models, endogenous growth theories, and empirical tests of these models. (Well, actually, the way I do it, we mainly cover consumption and investment theories, some monetary policy and fiscal policy)

Econ 7070 – Theory of Economic Growth (Graduate).