Photo of Areendam Chanda

I am an associate professor of economics at LSU. My research concentrates on topics such as long-term economic growth and productivity, regional economic growth, consumption and savings, and economic growth in India. Some selected publications and recent research are highlighted below. A complete collection of research papers, both published and ongoing, can be viewed from the research link above. I also serve as a co-editor of Economic Inquiry and associate editor for Economic Modelling.

I teach both graduate and undergraduate courses in economic growth and macroeconomics.

Selected Research Papers

Consumption Smoothing and Household Savings: Role of Demographics and Durables (with Neha Bairoliya and Jingyi Fang) 

Was India's Demonetization Redistributive? Insights from Satellites and Surveys (with Justin Cook),  January 2022, forthcoming Journal of Macroeconomics.

Do Attitudes Toward Risk-Taking Affect Entrepreneurship? Evidence from Second-generation Americans (with Bulent Unel), December  2021, Journal of Economic Growth.

Shedding Light on Regional Growth and Convergence in India (with Sujana Kabiraj), World Development, September 2020 

Persistence of Fortune: Accounting for Population Movements, There was No Post-Columbian Reversal (with Justin Cook and Louis Putterman), American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 6 (3), 1-28, 2014,

Does foreign direct investment promote growth? Exploring the role of financial markets on linkages (with Laura Alfaro, Sebnem Kalemli- Ozcan, and Selin Sayek), Journal of Development Economics, 242-256, March 2010,

States and Markets: The Advantages of an Early Start with Valerie Bockstette and Louis Putterman), Journal of Economic Growth, 7(4), 347-370, December 2002.


College Outstanding Tenured Professor Teaching Award (04/22)

Ideas4india entry on Consumption smoothing and household savings (04/22)

New working paper on Consumption Smoothing and Household Savings (12/31)

Virtual Presentation of Shedding Light on Regional Growth in India at Jindal Global University (08/21)

WEAI panels on Long Run Factors in Economic Growth (07/21)

Presentation on behalf of NEED at Sunrise Rotary (06/21) 

Updated version of Demonetization paper (05/21)

Updated version of Risk Taking and Entrepreneurship (w/ Bulent Unel) (03/2021)