Phd Committee Chair

Kien Le, (2020, Assistant Professor, Ho Chi Minh City Open University)

Sujana Kabiraj (2017, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Pt.)

Ting Wang (2016, Data Scientist, Amazon)

Dachao Ruan (2014, Advisory Manager, PwC)

C Justin Cook(2012, Associate Professor and Graduate Chair, UC Merced; Post Doc at Wisconsin and Yale (2012-14))

Bibhudutta Panda (2011, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota – Morris)

Beatrice Farkas (Vesaelius College, Berlin)

Subaran Roy (Associate Professor, Jindal School of Government and Public Policy)

Undergraduate Honors Advisees

Maggie Higgins (2020)

Olivia Sharbaugh (2019)

Eileen de Leo (2017)

*Includes current professional status to the extent possible.