Multi-hazard Analysis Infrastructure Resilience Decision Support Community Resilience
  •  Fragility modeling of bridges for different hazard and their combinations, e.g. vehicular loads, scour, barge impact, and earthquakes
  • Fragility modeling of above ground storage tanks for multiple hurricane and flood hazards
  • Fragility modeling of steel and wood buildings subjected to seismic and tsunami hazards, and hurricanes
  • Functionality and restoration modeling for infrastructure components damaged during extreme events
  • Performance assessment of networked infrastructure (e.g. road and power networks) under extreme events
  • Interdependence modeling between networked and non-networked infrastructure for extreme event performance assessment
  • Decision support modeling tools considering time evolving resource constraints, uncertainties in infrastructure performance,  and deep uncertainties
  • Bayesian network modeling of decision support problems considering ex-ant and ex-post measures
  • Modeling optimal resource allocation across time among different infrastructure systems
  • Interdisciplinary modeling of impacts of infrastructure failure on communities
  • Understanding and modeling community expectations on infrastructure performance and resilience
  • Modeling impact of changing natural and social environment on infrastructure performance