Shared Facilities

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CEIDR – Gene Lab Gene Lab is a multi-faceted core laboratory located in the School of Veterinary Medicine at Louisiana State University. It offers Next-Generation Sequencing, traditional DNA sequencing, gene cloning, PCR, gene expression and other molecular methods services.

Gene Lab homepage

Computational System Biology The Computational System Biology Group provides computer simulations and theoretical modeling for molecules structure interrogation as well as molecule-molecule interaction and other challenges.  
Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine The Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM) is the administrative unit that oversees the two animal facilities at LSU: SVM Laboratory Animal Medicine Facility and the Life Sciences Animal Care Facility. DLAM purchases, maintains, and cares for all teaching and research animals housed within these two facilities. They also provide assistance with IACUC regulations.

DLAM homepage

Protein Laboratory The Protein Laboratory facility focuses on production and purification of proteins, peptides and antibodies. Protein Laboratory homepage 
Molecular Immunopathology (MIP) Core The MIP core offer microscopy and flow cytometry services as well as currently provides routine anatomical, clinical and molecular pathology from trained pathologists.

MIP homepage

Center for Advanced Microstructure and Devices (CAMD) CAMD provides researchers access to the only synchrotron light source in the southeastern United States. Download the brochure for a complete overview of the services offered. CAMD homepage
Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (LADDL) The LADDL core offers animal disease diagnostic services to agricultural and general communities in the state of Louisiana.

LADDL homepage

Small Animal Imaging Facility (SAIF) The SAIF core offers full body small animal imaging service using optical imaging and tomography SAIF homepage
Mass Spectrometry Facility (MSF) The MSF facility offers broad range of services with several high performance mass spectrometers.  
NMR Facility The NMR Facility at Louisiana State University houses five high-resolution solution-state spectrometers and one solid-state spectrometer.  
X-Ray Facility The LSU Department of Chemistry X-ray Crystallography Facility occupies 450 sq ft on the 6th floor of Choppin Hall and houses two diffractometers and additional equipment for sample manipulation. X-Ray Facility homepage 
Shared Instrument Facility (SIF) The SIF houses several instruments for imaging and sampling, including comfocal microscopes, stereo microscopes, inverted microscopes, transmission electron microscopes and many others. SIF homepage
AgCenter Biotechnology Laboratory (ABL) The ABL facility offers a wide range of services, including protein expression, peptide synthesis, animal cell culture,. plant transformation and in-vivo animal testing. ABL homepage