Full list of publications on ADS

Planning & Simulating Space-based Microlensing Surveys

Penny et al. (2019)  Predictions of the WFIRST Microlensing Survey. I. Bound Planet Detection Rates 
Johnson et al. (2020)  Predictions of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope Galactic Exoplanet Survey. II. Free-floating Planet Detection Rates

Postdoctoral Researchers

Jonas Klüter - Prediction of astrometric microlensing with Gaia, galactic population synthesis models, MISHAPS transit surveys

Graduate Students

Ali Crisp - MISHAPS transit surveys
Farzaneh Zohrabi - Gravitational microlensing
Marz Newman (BSc, 2022) - Asteroids in the MISHAPS Survey

Former Members & Advisees

Ohio State University

Samson Johnson (PhD, 2022) - Free-floating planets with Roman
Macy Huston (BSc, 2018) - Galactic population synthesis models
Jacob Luhn (BSc, 2016) - Microlensing by circumbinary planets

University of Manchester

Rieul Gendron (MSc, 2011) - Microlensing by multiplanet systems

Other Student Advising

Somayeh Khakpash (PhD, Lehigh University, 2020) - Artificial intelligence approaches to exoplanet microlensing
Weicheng Zang (BSc, Tsinghua University, 2017) - The K2C9-CFHT microlensing survey