Research Group

Picture of Matthew Penny and his research group members with a building and trees in the background
Postdoctoral Researchers

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Graduate Students

Ali Crisp - MISHAPS transit surveys
Farzaneh Zohrabi - Gravitational microlensing
Marz Newman - Transit searches, Galactic models

Former Members & Advisees

Louisiana State University

Jonas Klüter (postdoc) - Prediction of astrometric microlensing with Gaia, galactic population synthesis models, MISHAPS transit surveys
Marz Newman (BSc, 2022) - Asteroids in the MISHAPS Survey
Trang Huyhn (BSc, 2023) - Astrometry in the CFHT-K2C9 Microlensing Survey

Ohio State University

Samson Johnson (PhD, 2022) - Free-floating planets with Roman
Macy Huston (BSc, 2018) - Galactic population synthesis models
Jacob Luhn (BSc, 2016) - Microlensing by circumbinary planets
FERPA redacted (BSc, 2015) - Filters for the Roman Galactic Time Domain Survey

University of Manchester

Rieul Gendron (MSc, 2011) - Microlensing by multiplanet systems

Other Student Advising

Somayeh Khakpash (PhD, Lehigh University, 2020) - Artificial intelligence approaches to exoplanet microlensing
Weicheng Zang (BSc, Tsinghua University, 2017) - The CFHT-K2C9 microlensing survey