The Crew

Micheal Hellberg

Michael E. Hellberg:
Speciation and historical demography of marine animals

Abdul AdaAbdul Ada, PhD student
Adaptation to marine climate change and connectivity among SE African reefs



Erick Trevino

Erick Treviño, PhD Student, CIBNOR
Genomic response of Caribbean corals to Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD)



Lab Alumni

David Paz-García

David Paz-García, Postdoctoral Researcher, Coral morphology, geographic variation and speciation. Now Investigator at Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas del Noroeste (CIBNOR) in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Alicial Reigel

Dr. Alicia Reigel
Alicia studied how the microbiota of corals and sea fans respond to their hosts and to human disturbance.
She is now working on the functional biology of sponge microbiomes with Dr. Cara Fiore at
Appalachian State University.

Dr. Mark DuhonDr. Mark Duhon 
Evolution of shell proteins in bivalves

Sofia MendezSofia Mendez, Masters student, CIBNOR Zooxanthellae variation with host, depth, and geography in Porites panamensis

Dr. Karine Posbic Leydet

Dr. Karine Posbic Leydet, Ph.D.
After working on the Mediterranean invasion of Oculina corals for her PhD, Karine is now doing post-doctoral research on the genomics of plant life-history evolution with Jannice Friedman at Syracuse University.


Dr. Melissa DeBiasse
Cryptic speciation in Caribbean sponges.  Presently working with Morgan Kelly on climatic change and gene expression in marine invertebrates.


Dr. Carlos Prada

Dr. Carlos Prada.
Ecological speciation in corals.
After working on coral genomics with Monica Medina at Penn State, Carlos is now doing post-doctoral research at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institue with Haris Lessios. He is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Rhode Island. 

Dr. Ron Eytan.
Systematics and inter-locus rate variation in Caribbean reef fish.
After post-docs at Georgia and Yale, Ron is now an Assistant Professor at Texas A & M Galveston

Dr. Alice DennisDr. Alice Dennis
The evolution of freeze tolerance in marsh snails Melampus.
After post-docs in Auckland and Zurich, Alice is in Potsdam working with Prof. Ralph Tiedemann’s group

Pat C. Arbour-Reily (S.B.C.),
Former Research Associate.

Dr. Phillip Fenberg:
He is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Southhampton

Dr. Michael S. Taylor
Mike used molecular genetics to explore systematic relationships and patterns of speciation in the Neotropical goby genus Elacatinus, found throughout the tropical western Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans. He is now Professor of Biology at SE Missouri State University

Dr. Iliana BaumsDr. Iliana Baums,
Currently an Associate Professor at Pennsylvania State University. In her thesis, Iliana used microsatellite markers to look at clonal population structure and geographic variation in the Caribbean elkhorn coral Acropora palmata. Her lab at PSU now collaborates with us on studying connectivity and isolation in Porites corals.

Dr. Sheri Dixon-SchullyDr. Sheri Dixon-Schully
Senior Advisor at NIH’s Office of Disease Prevention

Dr. Tamara M. McGovernDr. Tamara M. McGovern
Currently an Assistant Professor at Limestone College in South Carolina.  She’s done post-doc stints at STRI and Friday Harbor (where she grew award-winning potatoes).

Jared Latiolais, M.S.
Phylogenetic analysis of shell morphology in strombid gastropods. Jared is now a Research Scientist at Bode Technology in northern Virginia.

Anna LucchesiAnna Lucchesi, undergraduate researcher, now with the Houston Department of Public Health helping fight SARS-CoV-2.”

Meg GuidryMeg Guidry is now working on her PhD at the University of Rhode Island with Jon Puritz

Heidi Griffith
Heidi was an undergraduate student worker in our lab. She is currently at medical student at the University of Tennessee

Catalina Restrepo
Finished up her Masters in LSU’s Department fo  Environmental Studies

Maria Costantini
Currently working on a Ph.D in bird behavior at Auburn

Maxine Tan
Currently a Ph.D. candidate at Scripps Institution of Oceanography