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The Mollecular Ecologist logo The Molecular Ecologist
Gulf Specimen Marine Lab logo Gulf Specimen Marine Lab, your friendly, non-profit source of fresh Third Coast marine invertebrates and fish.
Southern Fried Science logo Southern Fried Science
Club Eco-Evo logo Club Eco-Evo Latinoamérica 
Galaxy logo Galaxy



Reef Genomics logo Reef Geomics
  Phylogenetic Analysis by Maximum Likelihood, by Ziheng Yang. Programs for phylogenetic analyses on DNA and protein sequence data. 
Comparitive Genomics logo Comparative Genomics
Arlequin logo Arlequin, by Laurent Excoffier and colleagues for population genetics data analyses.
DnaSP logo DnaSP Software de los Hermanos Rozas estimates several measures of DNA sequence variation within and between populations, as well as linkage disequilibrium, recombination, gene flow and gene conversion parameters.
  Ryan Gregory’s Animal Genome Size Database is a comprehensive catalogue of animal genome size data.




Marine Paleoecology Lab photo “Rich Aronson’s Marine Paleoecology Lab at Florida Tech is guiding us toward the chilly waters of Antarctica, that may (or may not) soon be swarming
Wares Lab photo The Wares Lab at Georgia studies marine biogeography, population genetics, and the coral holobiome
Schizas Lab photo  Nick Schizas combines population genomics with undersea exploration in Puerto Rico.
Photo from Kocot Lab Kevin Kocot’s invertebrate evolutionary genomics lab
Hahn Lab logo Matt Hahn’s evolutionary genomics lab
Malik Lab logo Harmit Malik’s lab of evolutionary conflict