Training Spatial Reasoning Toward Enhancing STEM Success

Training Spatial Reasoning Toward Enhancing STEM Success

About the Project​

Problem: Although spatial reasoning is a predictor of STEM success, STEM courses rarely train students to develop spatial reasoning skills, and knowledge about how to effectively train spatial reasoning is limited. ​
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What is spatial reasoning?​
The capacity to form and manipulate visual mental representations to reason about objects and images in space.
Objectives: 1) identify neural and cognitive processes that are associated with successful mental rotation; 2) establish the degree to which processes are responsive to training; and 3) measure the transfer of training effects to real-world STEM problems. ​​

Why are spatial reasoning skills important?​
One consistent predictor of retention and success in STEM fields is spatial reasoning ability.
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What is mental rotation?​
Mental rotation is a spatial reasoning task that requires rotating a mental representation to view an object from a different perspective.
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