Ultrafast Infrared Laser Laboratory

Welcome to the Kuroda Laboratory

Our Laboratory uses a multi-disciplinary approach to describe and elucidate the relation between structure and macroscopic properties of materials by gaining detailed information regarding dynamic and interactions at a molecular level. New materials with many potential applications are developed every year. However, their discovery is clearly outpacing their molecular characterization. One of today’s major challenges in the physical sciences consists of describing the macroscopic properties of materials in terms of their molecular structure and dynamics. While the molecular characterization of complex processes is important for describing chemical processes, the link between atomistic pictures/movies and macroscopic properties is the key for the rational design and development of new materials. For this purpose, our research program uses a comprehensive approach that combines well-established experimental methodologies, time-resolved laser spectroscopies. In addition, we integrate our studies with theoretical model and computer simulations to obtain a molecular picture of the structure and interactions of the system. Specific project areas are electrolytes, deep eutectic solvents, and water soluble thermo-responsive polymers.