Lab Photos


Erica, Jeanne, Sarah in front of fountainErica, Jeanne, and Sarah in front of the fountain on the quad (2018).
Jeanne, Erica, Sarah in tree on quadJeanne, Erica, and Sarah in a tree on the quad (2018).
Frida, Sarah, Jeanne, Erica after a conferenceDinner after the Gulf Coast ABA Conference:
Frida, Sarah, Jeanne, and Erica (2018).


Sarah, Taylor, Erica, Mallorie after lab dinnerLab dinner after a successful semester of research:
Sarah, Taylor, Erica, and Mallorie (2017).
Erica and Jeanne at conferenceErica and Jeanne at the Gulf Coast ABA Conference (2017).
Ashley's dissertation commitee after her defenseAshley’s committee after her Ashley’s successful dissertation defense:
Dr. David Richman, Ashley, Dr. Sasha Protopopova, Jeanne (video conference), and Dr. Devender Banda (2017).


Katie and Ashley at ABAI poster sessionKatie and Ashley reunite at the ABAI poster session (2017).
Katie, Jeanne, Ashley at TxABAKatie, Jeanne, and Ashley at TxABA (2016).
Katie and Jeanne at Katie's graduationKatie and Jeanne at the TTU commencement ceremony (2016).


Jeanne, Katie, Ashley, Rosario at vineyardJeanne, Katie, Ashley, and Visiting Scholar Dr. Rosario Ruiz-Olivares (2016).
Katie and Jeanne at Katie's dissertation defenseKatie and Jeanne after Katie’s successful dissertation defense (2016).
Katie, Jeanne, Ashley at TxABA Poster sessionKatie, Jeanne, and Ashley at the TxABA poster session, where Katie earned the Best Applied Poster award (2015).