Associate Professor Gerald Schneider leads the Soft Matter and Neutron Scattering Group at the Louisiana State University. The group is located in the Chemistry and Materials Building.

At present, we concentrate on the influence of interfaces in soft matter samples on the structure and dynamics. Interfaces are important almost everywhere in science, including, nanocomposites, micelles, vesicles and liposomes. We utilize small-angle neutron scattering, neutron spin echo spectroscopy and quasielastic neutron scattering to unravel the fascinating morphology and dynamics of polymer melts, polymers in solution and in composites. Transmission electron microscopy and synchrotron small-angle X ray scattering provide complementary information. Our vision is to understand mechanical, dielectric properties and phase transitions obtained by fast field cycling NMR, rheology, dielectric spectroscopy and differential scanning calorimetry and link it to applications based on microscopic information from neutron scattering.