Lab & Shared Facilities


Patrick Taylor Hall

Arges Lab occupies about 1000 square feet (room 1130) with two fume hoods in the Patrick F. Taylor (PFT) building . PFT opened during the 2016 to 2017 academic school year and is the home to LSU's College of Engineering. 

Ultrasonics spary deposition machine

Automated spray deposition system with vacuum and heating table for preparing membrane electrode assemblies, bipolar membranes, and layer-by-layer assemblies

Schlenk line

Schlenk line in synthesis fume hood with temperature controlled hot plates featuring magnetic stirrers

Carver thermal-mechanical hot press

Carver mechanical hot press with temperature control capabilities



Gamry Potentiostat – 3000 AE – 8 channel potentiostat (32 V, 1.5 A) with frequency response analyzer (EIS 1 MHz), 

Current booster

Gamry 30k Current Booster – enhances potentiostat current range to 30 A and measures impedance values below 100 μΩ.


Fuel cell test stand - side image
fuel cell test stand front image

Scribner 850e 50 Amp, Fuel Cell test stand with 5 and 25 cm2  cell hardware equipped with frequency response analyzer for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, automated water refilled for humidifiers, mass flow controllers 0.1 to 2.0 SPLM, and back pressure accessory. System is also used for electrolysis with Gamry current booster.


water deionization systemMillipore deionization water system with Elix that can produces 18.2 MΩ of water and less than 10 ppb of TOC.


solvent vapor annealing top image
Solvent vapor annealing system - side image

Custom built solvent vapor annealing chamber for self-assembly of block copolymers. The system features 4 computer controlled mass flow controllers with three solvent bubblers and a transparent quartz window for monitoring film thickness in realtime with Filmetric tool.


quartz crystal microbalance with humidification and temperature control
quartz crystal microbalance with temperature control only
quartz crystal microbalance - close up image

Gamry electrochemical quartz-crystal microbalance (QCM) in liquid or gas vapor flow cell with inlet and outlet for heating/cooling fluid. Setup is used for monitoring solvent uptake in polymer thin films (e.g., water uptake under humidity control or different salt concentrations or organic solvent uptake during solvent vapor annealing). Unit can be integrated with solvent vapor annealing chamber or fuel cell test station for humidity control.


Atmospheric chamber for thin film electrochemical experiments
Interdigitated electrodes in atmospheric chamber
Interdigitated electrodes in atmospheric chamber - close up
Interdigitated electrodes in atmospheric chamber without cover

Custom-built gas flow cell for electrochemical measurements of thin films on interdigitated electrodes. Gas vapor may consist of water or solvent vapors. Temperature control is possible. This flow cell fits with the existing fuel cell test stand or the solvent vapor annealing chamber.


Filmetric sprectra reflectometer
Filmetric sprectra reflectometer; second image

Filmetrics F3-UV spectra reflectance spectrometer for measuring film thickness


Redox flow battery test standScribner 857 20 Amp, +/- 3V, Redox Flow Battery test stand with 25 cm2  cell hardware equipped with frequency response analyzer for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, cell temperature control, state of charge cell, and electrolyte tank heaters and mixers. System is also used for dioxide electrolysis with Gamry current booster.


Arges research lab with students working in itStudents working in the Arges Lab.

Chemical storage cabinet and waste containers

Chemical storage and waste storage


Membrane capacitive deionization cell

Membrane capacitive deionization flow cell equipped with peristaltic pump and pH and ionic conductivity probes (data recorded to a flash memory card). 


Electrodeionization unit with pumps and conductivity probe


Top image of thermal annealing chamber
Side image of thermal annealing chamber

Thermal annealing chamber with temperature control. The chamber uses a Edwards vacuum pump or a nitrogen stream to maintain an inert environment during annealing.


Vacuum ovenVacuum oven

Ultraviolet crosslinker

Ultraviolet crosslinker for crosslinking polymers and wet etching block copolymers

Vial mixer and volumetric pipettes

Vial mixer and volumetric pipets

Gravity oven and balance

Analytical balance and gravity oven #2 for drying glassware


Fume hood with spincoater, balance, sonicator, and hot plate

Laurell spincoater, Branson sonicator, analytical balance, and hotplate (for baking or painting MEAs) in fume hood #1

Leveling table

Leveling table with glass plates for drop casting films to make polymer electrolyte membranes. The table is used in a gravity oven #2 to evaporate solvent from the polymer-solvent mixture.



Our students use the following shared facilities at LSU and nearby Tulane University

CAMD – The J. Bennett Johnston, Sr., Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices at LSU

Synchrotron radiation source for x-ray scattering, spectroscopy, and lithography

Cleanroom for microfabrication and nanofabrication of devices (e.g., mask aligner, reactive ion etching, e-beam evaporation, e-beam lithography, and sputtering) and metrology (AFM and SEM)

Synchrotron building


Shared Instrumentations Facility at LSU

Houses electron microscopes (SEM, TEM), XPS, XRD, and NMR spectrometers

Chemistry and materials building


Tulane University Micro/Nano Fabrication Cleanroom Facility

Tulane cleanroom