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Welcome to the Arges Research Lab at LSU in the Cain Department of Chemical Engineering. The principal investigator for the group is Professor Chris Arges. Follow us on Twitter Link (@ArgesLab)!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Professor Arges at

Recent News

July 2021 -Congrats to Subarna Kole on successfully defending her PhD. Best wishes on your next role as a postdoc in Prof. Brian Benicewicz's group at the University of South Carolina. 

May 2021 - Congrats to Deepra Bhattacharya on his paper "Electrolysis on a Chip with Tunable Thin Film Nanostructured PGM Electrocatalysts Generated from Self‐Assembled Block Copolymer Templates" in Small! This paper templated nanostructured platinum and iridium oxide from self-assembled block copolymers and assessed the electrocatalyst reactivity for hydrogen pumping and water-splitting on interdigitated electrodes. The mesoscale platinum and iridium oxide were characterized at the Advanced Photon Source. This work provides a future pathway for assessing how meso-scale morphology and electrocatalyst composition govern Faradaic reactions. Subarna Kole was a co-author and this work was done in collaboration with Prof. Sakellariou and his team at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Thanks to the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science, Separation Science Program for funding! 

May 2021 - Congrats to Gokul Venugopalan on his paper "Correlating high temperature thin film ionomer electrode binder properties to hydrogen pump polarization" in Materials Advances! This paper demonstrates remarkable HT-PEM electrochemical hydrogen performance and it made the inside cover art image for the issue. Furthermore, the paper correlates thin film measurements of ionomers on interdigitated electrodes (IDEs) to electrochemical hydrogen pump performance. The IDEs are envisioned as a high-throughput, low-cost experimental technique for downselecting ionomer chemistries for electrochemical systems. Deepra Bhattacharya, Subarna Kole, and Cameron Ysidron co-authored the work. Thanks to the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy, Advanced Manufacturing Office for funding. Congrats to all!

April 2021 - Congrats to Dr. Mario Ramos-Garcés for his ACS Inorganic Chemistry Award in addition to his publication "Understanding the ionic activity and conductivity value differences between random copolymer electrolytes and block copolymer electrolytes of the same chemistry" in RSC Advances. The project was a collaboration with Prof. Revati Kumar in LSU Chemistry and Drs. Joe Strzalka and Qingteng Zhang at the Advanced Photon Source.  Qi Lei (MS 2020), Deepra Bhattacharya, and Subarna Kole were co-authors on the paper.

April 2021 - Congrats to Gokul Venugopalan for passing his PhD defense! We are very proud of you! Best wishes for your next role at NREL!

April 2021 - We welcome Cohort 4, Karthik Arunagiri and Tanmay Kulkarni, to the research lab!

March 2021 - Congrats to Varada Menon Palakkal, Matthew Jordan, and Deepra Bhattacharya on their publication "Addressing Spacer Channel Resistances in MCDI Using Porous and Pliable Ionic Conductors" in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society. The project was in collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory and sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of EERE BETO (sub-award from Argonne). Congrats to all!

February 2021 - An article about our fuel cell related research and the broader use of hydrogen was highlighted in LSU's Working for Louisiana Magazine

February 2021 - Congrats to the Arges Lab Members and Prof. Arges on winning LSU's Rainmaker Award (Emerging Scholar in the STEM category).

January 2021 - Congrats to Luis Briceno-Mena and Gokul Venugopalan on their recent publication "Machine learning for guiding high-temperature PEM fuel cells with greater power density" in Patterns (Cell Press). The project was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of EERE AMO and was done in collaboration with Prof. José Romagnoli's group at LSU. Congrats to all!

January 2021 - Congrats to Subarna Kole on her recent publication "Bipolar membrane polarization behavior with systematically varied interfacial areas in the junction region" in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A. The project was sponsored by NSF and included the following co-authors: Dr. Bryan Pivovar from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Gokul Venugopalan, Le Zhang, Deepra Bhattacharya, and John Cheng. Congrats to all!

October 2020 - Professor Arges is looking to hire an undergraduate researcher to work on organic acid separations using electrodialysis and electrodeionization. Please email Professor Arges if interested.

September 2020 - Dr. Mario Ramos-Garcés from the University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedras has joined our group as a Postdoc Researcher. Welcome Mario! We look forward to working with you.

August 2020 - Le Zhang (MS ChE 2018) and Prof. Arges published a paper on water structures at graphene oxide/reduced grapene oxide interfaces in the Journal of Physical Chemistry B. This paper was led by Prof. Revati Kumar and Dr. Rolf David in LSU Chemistry. It also had a contribution from Dr. Aashish Tuladhar from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. 

July 2020 - Dr. Varada Menon, former PhD student from the Arges Lab, was recently recognized for her research contributions to polymer science and engineering from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) - Materials Engineering and Sciences Division Area 8A (Polymers). She will receive her award this Fall and give a talk. A story on this award and Varada's research experience at LSU was recently published.