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Please read the following statements and answer them as honestly as possible, giving only your own opinion of yourself. Do not skip any items and answer them as honestly as possible, giving only your own opinion of yourself. When thinking about yourself and your experiences, do not count as important those attitudes, feelings, or experiences you might have had only while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs (e.g., marijuana, LSD, cocaine).

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SPQ-BR Items (with corresponding SPQ items)

1 SA2 I sometimes avoid going to places where there will be many people because I will get anxious.
2 EB5 Other people see me as slightly eccentric (odd).
3 MT12 Do you believe in telepathy (mind-reading)?
4 EB14 People sometimes comment on my unusual mannerisms and habits.
5 OS16 I sometimes jump quickly from one topic to another when speaking.
6 CA17 I am not good at expressing my true feelings by the way I talk and look.
7 UP22 When you look at a person or yourself in a mirror, have you ever seen the face change right before your eyes?
8 OS25 I sometimes forget what I am trying to say.
9 CA26 I rarely laugh and smile.
10 S27 Do you sometimes get concerned that friends or co-workers are not really loyal or trustworthy?
11 SA29 I get anxious when meeting people for the first time.
12 MT30 Do you believe in clairvoyance ( psychic forces, fortune telling) ?
13 UP31 I often hear a voice speaking my thoughts aloud.
14 CF33 I find it hard to be emotionally close to other people
15 OS34 I often ramble on too much when speaking.
16 SA38 Do you often feel nervous when you are in a group of unfamiliar people?
17 CF41 Do you feel that there is no one you are really close to outside of your immediate family, or people you can confide in or talk to about personal problems?
18 IR45 When shopping do you get the feeling that other people are taking notice of you?
19 SA46 I feel very uncomfortable in social situations involving unfamiliar people.
20 MT47 Have you had experiences with astrology, seeing the future, UFO's, ESP, or a sixth sense?
21 UP48 Do everyday things seem unusually large or small?
22 MT55 Have you ever felt that you are communicating with another person telepathically (by mind-reading)?
23 OS58 Do you tend to wander off the topic when having a conversation?
24 S59 I often feel that others have it in for me.
25 IR60 Do you sometimes feel that other people are watching you?
26 IR63 Do you sometimes feel that people are talking about you?
27 UP64 Are your thoughts sometimes so strong that you can almost hear them?
28 S65 Do you often have to keep an eye out to stop people from taking advantage of you?
29 CF66 Do you feel that you cannot get "close" to people.
30 EB67 I am an odd, unusual person.
31 EB70 I have some eccentric (odd) habits.
32 CA73 I tend to keep my feelings to myself.