WDL Equipment imageWDL Equipment & Facilities

  • Field sites for AWPA test: E5 marine applications, E7 stake test (Formosan termites & decay), E9 L-joint, E16 (horizontal lap-joint), E18 ground proximity (decay), E21 interior applications, E26 ground proximity (termites) E29 anti-sapstain.
  • Laboratory facilities for AWPA test: A9 X-ray, E1 (termites), E10 (soil block), E11 (leaching), E12 (metal corrosion), E20 (soil depletion) and E24 (mold).
  • Wood weathering facilities.
  • Lab-scale pressure treating cylinder.
  • Computerized Instron for mechanical testing.
  • State-of-the-art facilities for wood and wood/plastics composites manufacturing and testing (e.g., presses, mat former, blender, injection molding machine, twin-screw extrusion machine)
  • SEM, ICP and HPLC facilities are available on LSU Baton Rouge campus