• RNR 2043:  Wood Science and Forest Products
    Broad overview of wood - its structure, properties and some of the important ways it is processed and used.
    Wood Science

  • RNR 3039:  Forest Products Camp
    Week-long laboratory practice and field trips on structure and function of wood products and their manufacturing in commercial scale.
    Forest Products Camp

  • RNR 4043: Section 1 - Introduction to Renewable Biomaterials

    Introduction to Renewable BiomaterialsClassification, properties and utilization of renewable biomaterials derived from sustainable resources, including forest, agriculture, and organic-based materials. 

    Renewable resource derived from forest, agriculture, and organic-based materials has attracted significant attention as a sustainable alternative to petrochemicals for large-scale production of renewable bioproducts including materials, chemicals and fuels. The development has created a strong interest in understanding the nature, performance properties, and environmental benefits of the bio-based renewable materials.

    (Left) From:  Forest Products Journal 56(5)4-10.  Nanostructured renewable materials