Research Scope:

Welcome! The Wang research group synthesizes novel materials at nano- and subnanometer-scale for applications in high-performance rechargeable batteries and solar cells, as well as high-efficiency photocatalysts used in environmental cleaning. The work also includes fundamental studies of electrochemical, optoelectronic, mechanical, electrical, and interfacial behaviors of nanomaterials in energy conversion/storage devices. A variety of synthesis methods (atomic layer deposition, solution chemistry, sol-gel processing, and electrochemical approaches) are employed to obtain nanomaterials with well-defined structure at the molecular level, which serve as a perfect model system for fundamental understanding and optimal energy device design. This research is highly multidisciplinary; it integrates chemistry, physics, materials science, engineering, and nanotechnology for the application aspects in energy.

There is an opening for a Ph.D or Master student with full financial support. Intreseted candidate can email Dr. Wang at ywang@lsu.edu please attach resume or CV