Translational Research in Music Group



The faculty and graduate students who comprise the Translational Research in Music Group (TRMG) form a research lab and collaborative endeavor housed in the Music Education department of the Louisiana State University School of Music. Much of the research conducted in music education is well designed, thoughtful, and rigorous, but often comes up short in reaching an audience of P-12 practitioners who can put those findings into action. Through systemic investigation and collaborations across campus with disciplines such as cognitive psychology, neuroscience, education, sociology, and history, the TRMG produces original research in music education and educational psychology that aims to "close the loop" between theory and practice, thus building and sustaining connections between the P-12 community of practice and the academy.

On our website, you will find information about our research activities, including links to published, peer-reviewed research reports. You will also find information about our community partners in Baton Rouge and across South Louisiana, resources for salient topics such as diversity, equity, and inclusion, string pedagogy, and more, and links to other labs that investigate topics in music education and psychology, along with resources for students and links to a number of prominent professional organizations within our field. If you’re visiting the TRMG for the first time, my colleagues and I welcome you and hope that you will find our work and resources inspiring and useful towards integrating our research with your practice, and prompt your thinking towards new ways of improving the teaching and learning of music for all.


David Saccardi, Director


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