The Center for Excellence in Palynology (CENEX)

What is CENEX?

The Center for Excellence in Palynology (CENEX) was established by the Louisiana State University and the American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists (AASP-The Palynological Society) in 1993 to promote research and mentoring in palynology. One of our main foci is to train the next generation of palynologists to fill the demand in academia, forensic labs, medical labs that focus on problems related to allergies, and with the oil and gas industry.

What are the facilities?

CENEX hosts one of the largest reprints and pollen reference collections in the world. With its wealth of reprints and pollen reference slide collections, and the newly renovated space, the center is a powerful tool able to recruit high quality graduate students interested in pursuing a degree in palynology. The recent success in attracting students with high GRE is partly due to the center's affiliation with AASP (The Palynological Society), which is the main scientific association for palynologists in the world. The center is therefore well known by students and by active professionals in the field.

Below is a detailed overview of the center and of the recent physical improvements made to the center. The new design of the center highlights the importance placed on integrating research, teaching and service, while promoting interactions with academic and industry partners.

If you are interested in helping the center by donating your pollen reference collections or your palynological reprints, please contact Sophie Warny at 225-578-5089 or swarny@lsu.edu.

Future upgrade planned

The facilities are upgraded non stop. For the latest news on our renovation, please read this article:

CENEX 2018 news

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